We offer a wide range of extremly performant, reliable temperature control systems for the semiconductor industry. The modular concept for convenient, cost effective system upgrades, highest safety of investment and easy customization.

Advanced Temperature Test Systems means best available components for our products and the most advanced manufacturing technology. Our products are designed for exceptional thermal and mechanical stability and precision.

- 30°C to +400°C The A-Series, an active air cooled chuck system in the price
range of Hot Chucks at a valuable price.
- 60°C to +300°C The C-Series, air cooled high end systems combining very low and high temperatures within one chuck system
- 65°C to +300°C The M-Series also with an extremely wide temperature range, liquid cooled for high power applications
- 65°C to +150°C The ultra fast P-Series for very low temperatures with exceptional cooling rates

Our chuck systems are designed for all major probersystems, like TSK Accretech, TEL, Suss Microtec, Cascade, Electroglas, Wentworth etc..

In addition to our standard productseries, we develop solutions for the 4 and 6 inch wafertest and specific systems for testing of electronic components, hybrids, PCBs or other assemblies at the tester site, wafer prober or at your unique applications.

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