Looking for a chuck system that gives you the possibility to cool down to - 60°C and up to + 300°C. The C-Series represents a product line of air cooled thermal chuck systems for a wide temperature range

Each system contains a high performance air-cooling unit. The integrated Dry Air Kit and the optional Dew Point Control, which are available for the major prober systems, enable moisture free testing at lowest temperature.

Key facts:

·  Extremly wide temperature range in one system

·  Fully integrated for 200 and 300 mm prober systems

·  High isolation for low leakage (femto-amp level), low capacitance test    measurements

·  Tri-axial configuration is standard for all chuck systems of the C-Series

·  No liquid coolants are required

·  Available for all major wafer probing stations, laser trimmers
   and inspection stations

·  Standard or PC- based control unit

·  High performant chillers for extraordinary temperature requirements

·  Optional high voltage model (max. 6 KV)

Datasheet C200   Datasheet C300

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