The A-Series represents a productline of air cooled thermal chuck systems for a temperature range between -30C up to +400C. The basic product offers an active cooled chuck system without an external chiller for a temperature range between +25C up to +200C at a very competitive price to common Hot Chucks.

Optional external chillers for temperatures down to -30C or high temperature systems up to +400C.

Key facts:

·  Low noise, high performant, exceptional temperature uniformity

·  High isolation for low leakage (femto-amp level), low capacitance test measurements

·  Tri-axial configuration is standard for all chuck systems of the A-Series

·  No liquid coolants are required

·  Fully integrated for 200 and 300 mm prober systems, 4 and 6 inch on request

·  Available for all major wafer probing stations, laser trimmers
   and inspection stations

·  Standard control unit or customized

·  Supplementary upgrade with different high performant chillers for various
   temperature requirements

·  Modular system design for convenient, cost-effective system upgrades
   as wafer diameter and temperature requirements change

·  Optional high voltage model (max. 10KV)


Datasheet A200   Datasheet A300
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