Temperature Range +25C to +200C  
Extended Temperature Range -20°C to +300C  
Temperature Stability 0,1C  
Temperature Accuracy 0,5C  
Heating Rates +25C to +200C <10min
  -10C to +25C <3min
Cooling Rates +25C to -10C <10min
  +200C to +25C <10min
Chuck Diameter 305mm  
Temperature Uniformity -20C to +100C < 0,5K
  +100C to 200C < 0,5%
Flatness / Paralellism < 8m  
Isolation >2TOHM  
Capacitance 1000pF Standard
  100pF triaxial connected
Interface RS232 Standard
  IEEE488 optional
Chuck Dimensions Diameter 305mm
  Height 40mm
  Weight 6550g
Dimensions Controller 250mm x 480mm x 120mm or individual
Deviations in the technical data can occur
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